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PPGD Love and War…Mostly War

Red Rumble

Note:This is a short story between chapters 6 & 7

“No.”  Blossom said flatly.  

“Just a few things.”  Dexter’s opposition was turning into a whine at this point.

“No gadgets or electronics and especially NO LABCOAT!”  The argument had been going on for several minutes until Blossom finally put her foot down and said he would simply have to find a new girlfriend if Dexter refused to wear what she had picked out for him.  “Labcoats and gloves are perfectly fine in your room, but we’re going to the amusement park and it’s already getting dark; we’ll miss all the excitement if we don’t get going.”  

Dexter had no problem with going to see the fireworks at the fair grounds, especially since it was with Blossom.  He did, however, have a problem with the blue t-shirt and khaki shorts he was now donning.  Blossom was quite pleased with her choice of clothing for him.  It was modest and  just right for summer recreation.  Blossom picked out a blue tank top shirt for herself and a tan colored skirt, which matched Dexter perfectly.  With their red hair, they were almost in red, white and blue, something Blossom took great pride for thinking up.  

The fair grounds were littered with young children scurrying here and there with balloons and cotton candy.  The crowd was immense in preparation for the Fourth of July fireworks show that was the biggest anticipation of the summer for all the kids in Megaville.  The roller coasters and ferrous wheel were a great site by themselves, but when coupled with the dazzling light show after watching the parade one had no choice, except to be stuck with amazement.  

Blossom and Buttercup had done their best to get Bubbles out of her room with little effect.  Bubbles simply shunned her sisters away; it was something they couldn’t help her with.  Oddly enough, Mandy, Bubbles rather peculiar friend, talked her into going to the fireworks show.  Buttercup was sure there was something wrong with the morbid, blond Mandy, but Blossom was just relieved that Bubbles was getting out of the house.  

The parade was a spectacle to behold, they had such huge floats, all depicting something patriotic; there was even one with Uncle Sam that danced to Yankee Doodle while punching a man dressed as a British soldier from the 1700s.  Buttercup just yawned at it all, until she noticed that Sensei Jack was in the Uncle Sam costume.  He had seemed to fully recover from the fight with the new enemies with no obvious problems.  

When the parade had finished everyone returned to the amusement park and continued to play joyfully awaiting the sunset and fireworks.  Blossom and Dexter sat in the cart or the ferrous wheel and stared unblinkingly at the skyline of Megaville.  Though they had been a couple for a year, they were still just kids, and that meant they were very shy about showing affection.  With great effort, Dexter finally managed to take hold of Blossoms hand.  He was a bit surprised when she rested her head on his shoulder, but reservation soon passed and he allowed himself to slip into a relaxed state.  

The wheel stopped, with the couple’s cart at the very top, viewing the city once again.  “Dexter,” Blossom whispered softly.  “I had a really good time today.”  She lifted her head off his shoulder, they were now facing each other.

“Me, too.”  He said a little choked up by the sudden intensity of the moment.  Their lips met and held on for what seemed to be an eternity.  Of course they had kissed before, but it never became a common experience for some reason.  Maybe it was in both of their natures to be awkward with anything other than books or fighting super villains.  

The fireworks lit up the night sky as they climbed off the ferrous wheel cart.  Holding hands, they strolled along without a care in the world.  In that state of bliss Blossom hardly recognized the sound of an explosion in the background.  Both of them around to see a blazing ball of fire strike the ground leaving a smoking crater.  The next moment, a red streak of light erupted out of the hole and flew at another figure up in the sky.  

Blossom turned to Dexter, kissing him on the cheek and said, “I’m gonna go check it out.  Try to get somewhere safe.”  And she was off, leaping into the air and zooming away.  Dexter cursed himself for not bringing any of his gadgets or weapons.  He was always so prepared for anything, but he let her talk him into playing it just like a normal kid.  How could she tell him to do that?  She had her powers all the time, no matter what, they were part of her.  What she didn’t understand was that his experiments and inventions were as much a part of him as her powers were part of her.

Blossom was now a hundred feet up and staring Brick in the eyes.  He was fitted in a black jumpsuit that had been badly battle damaged.  There were several scratches and bruises on him from his fight.  At first Blossom was prepared to fight against him because of their past encounters, but that would be unfair to him.  She had to figure out who the other combatant was before taking sides.  The moment she was about to question Brick she was hit hard from behind, sending her plummeting to the ground.  

Just as she thought she was going to collide with the earth, Blossom found herself in the arms of Brick who was looking very annoyed with her.  Brick set Blossom down and gave her a stern look saying, “I’m kinda glad I ran into you.  See that up there?”  He pointed to a figure hovering in the sky.  It was a red robot girl with flames painted on her and a mean look on her face.  “She’s normally a superhero, but Butch decided to use a remote he found to control her and cause trouble.  I hope you know that I despise you, but I don’t have much of a choice right now.  I used to be able to take her, no problem, but she’s been upgraded in the last couple of months.”

Blossom looked at him skeptically for a moment, unsure if she should trust what he was saying.  The reason for her hesitance wasn’t only because Brick was an enemy; it was more due to the fact that he would never see himself teamed up with her.  He hated the Powerpuff Girls immensely, so him asking her to help him was just about as weird as Mojo Jojo coming over for Christmas dinner.  It just didn’t happen.

Blossom gave a nod to show that she would help him tackle the problem.  Then, with two blazes of red and pink light, they were in the air in combat with the android.  It was a sight for the crowd below as they saw three bright streaks of red, pink and orange fly in circles, making contact every few seconds.  Blossom did her best to keep her cool and be tactical, but it was difficult to do when she could hardly keep up with Brick and the robot girl.  They were flying and punching and dodging at speeds that seemed to Blossom to be unimaginable.  Every time she took a swing at the robot she missed and was automatically struck with a hard metal fist.  This wasn’t all that bad due to Brick taking cheap shots at the robot while she was attacking Blossom.  He was no gentleman, that was for sure.

“Butch!”  Brick yelled furiously.  “Stop it already!  Do you know how much trouble we’re gonna be in tomorrow?”  Either Butch didn’t hear his brother or he simply didn’t care because a moment later the robots hand transformed into a cannon.  

“Brick,” Blossom called to him.  “Keep his attention focused on you.  I have an idea.”  On a normal day, Brick wouldn’t have been caught dead taking orders from Blossom.  This, however, was not a normal day.  Brick wanted nothing more than to get this taken care of and go to bed, so he complied hoping Blossom really had a terrific idea.

While the android was charging her laser and focusing it on Brick, Blossom swooped around behind her and took aim as well.  Brick was now sweating, he had suffered a tough time before Jenny had her upgrades and was now wondering if he would survive a turbocharged XJ-9.  With only a few precious seconds before he was burnt to a crisp, Brick was staring anxiously at Blossom, hoping that she would do whatever it was she had planned.  The end of the laser on Jenny’s arm was now glowing a bright yellow, ready to erupt at any moment.   Brick closed his eyes, bracing for impact.

Nothing.  He opened his eyes to see Blossom holding Jenny incased in ice.  Blossom smiled, “Ice breath.  Sorry I didn’t do it sooner, I guess I was a little rusty after not using it for so long.  I almost wasn’t able to do it for a moment.  Close call, huh?”  And for a minute, the strangest thing happened; Blossom and Brick laughed together.  

It wasn’t something that was meant to last.  Brick was quick to cut the fun short and take XJ-9 from Blossom very rudely.  She couldn’t have been more relieved to see him fly away.  “Hey, bow brain!”  Buttercup called from below.  It wasn’t until she landed that Blossom remembered what she was doing before the big scene.  
“Hey guys, where’s Dexter?”  He was nowhere to be found.

“Last time I saw him he was mumbling something about superhero boyfriends or something.” It was the voice of Mandy in her normal, unexcited tone.  Bubbles was also there, holding a stuffed bear she probably won in one of the carnival games.  

After about ten minutes Blossom found Dexter sitting on a bench, hunched over and staring at his feet.  She didn’t quite understand why he was suddenly so moody, but that wouldn’t stop her from trying to find out.  She sat on the far end of the bench, remaining quiet for several minutes, not wanting to say the wrong thing.  It was finally Dexter that broke the silence.

“Why’d you come looking for me?  Weren’t you having fun with your superhero boyfriend?”  He still wouldn’t make eye contact with her.  

“Is that what you’re mad about?”  She let out a little giggle.  “I can’t believe you’re jealous of Brick.  He’s one of our enemies!  No way would he be my ‘superhero boyfriend.’”  

Dexter finally looked at her with a smile, “Really?  I’m sorry, it’s just that both of you have super powers and the way you were fighting with him made me think…”

“Dexter, there’s only room for one boy in my heart.”  She kissed him on the cheek before taking his hand and leading the two of them off along the moonlit sidewalk.  

Coming Up: The second saga of PPGD Love and War…Mostly War, is coming up soon.  Here are a few lines to get you thinking.

“Good morning, class.”  Greeted Ms. Meryl.  “This year we have a new addition to the class.  Please welcome Samantha to Megaville Elementary.”

“You wanna fight?!” shouted Samantha, covering up the wires protruding from her skin.

“Buttercup, how can you be her friend?” Bubbles said indignantly.  “She’s friends with the girl who killed Boomer!”

“Leave me alone already.  It’s none of your business.”

“Your sisters  don’t trust me do they?  I don’t really care what they think, as long as we’re friends.”
This one was considerably longer than anything I have submitted before simply because it is not one chapter of a big story, but a short story by itself.

The next saga is on it's way and will be packed with a lot more action. Also, be prepared for a story comprised of an adventure of Butch and Brick coming soon. (It is part of the Love and War series.)
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